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June 28, 2011


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Courtney Cherest

Hey Aaron--I recommended "What's Your Secret" to a friend of mine and she loved encouraged confession! Thanks!
Also--I am finishing up "King's Cross" too. I'm reading it to prepare for Easter and I'm reading Mark along with it. I'm loving it. And I read "Generous Justice" earlier this year. I'm in love with Keller. :)

Counseling Jacksonville

Appears to be like a great publication to work through those techniques that keep us caught in our thoughts and thoughts, holding us back from true independence in Jesus. Thank you for writing this important publication.

Sophia DeLonghi

Sounds like a great book to work through those secrets that keep us imprisoned in our hearts and minds, holding us back from true freedom in Christ. Thank you for writing this important book.


secrets powerful tool ,
,confession heals the soul
good luck with your book
I would love to win
saw it on sally clarksons blog


Would love to read more - just was sharing in a devo with my homeschool group how God is working on teaching me true transparency


Hi Aaron,
Sounds like a good read and one I could learn from. Thanks for sharing a copy or two with Sally to give away!!

Wanda O.

I was sent here through Sally Clarkson's blog...sounds like an interesting book! Hope I win! Thanks for the giveaway.

Angela De Souza

This is so true! I remember when my husband and I first started pastoring our church, I was so worried about people finding out about my sordid past. Not because I was ashamed because I knew what Jesus had done in me, but because I didn’t want them to think that I was deceiving them into thinking I am a nice person.

So I dealt with it the only way I knew how – I wrote!

I wrote about all the horrible details and I wrote about what Jesus did for me. Now I have no secrets left and no fear of people finding out. I know there were other ways to deal with the fear but the way I chose has actually helped my life bear even more fruit.

I look forward to reading Aaron’s book, it is such an important subject!


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