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June 02, 2011


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Posting this from my Mac book with two internet devices: one streaming me this ever increasing richness of knowledge and the other my music; jamming to daft punk's score.

I was raised in the internet generation; the age of Google, FireFox & Wikipedia. Because of my love of technology, the internet and social media I became a programmer.

The Internet, Google and Wikipedia has led to us having the ability to become the most intelligent humans that have ever set foot on this earth. I truly believe that.

In one day I can consume and understand the volume of material that would be studied in the life time of a 18th century physicist or scientist. This needs to come with moderation: taking time out for important things like family and God. But what is this "cost"? Technology? Intelligence?

Aaron Stern

Chelsie - such a good and important conversation. I find that the constant barrage of information and possibilities impacts our relationships the most because we are not be present to God or others.

Chelsie Griffith

Great food for thought! Several friends and I have been talking about this idea over the past couple of weeks. Are we really created to absorb so much info and when we do, what suffers? As this article talks about, many times it's our relationship with God. Other times, it's authentic relationships with those around us. Is it worth it?

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