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December 09, 2010


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Aaron Stern

Tim - so great to hear from you. Jossie and I miss you and Katie! You are so right - the Bible and life must be viewed through a relational lens. It is not always simple but more true to reality.

Josh - Always good to have a fiction book on the horizon when reading a lot of non-fiction. Classic novelists like Hemmingway, Fitzgerald or Dickens are always great options.

Tim Burch

Well said Aaron. I love the difference that comes from reading the Bible as a relationship book and recognising that God is in it for relationship with us complex people; and that he is okay with our complexity. I continually love what you post.

Josh Rosema

Great post Aaron. I needed to hear that. I'm in the middle of 5 non-fiction books right now. Im thinking as soon as I finish a couple of them, I'll buy a good fiction book. I hear The Shack is pretty good.

Aaron Stern

Laura - maybe I should write a 'why non-fiction?' post :)

Laura Tucker

Great post. The funny thing is you'd sooner find me saying: “I don’t have time to read random people's opinions about life. I want to enjoy what I read. I can’t even keep up with all the fiction I want to read so why waste time with non-fiction?” A very few well-recommended and time-tested authors excepted, of course. :)

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