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October 07, 2010


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fixing a broken relationship

Thanks for sharing this. What a shame that we are losing role models!!

I am optimistic about the future though.



Kolten Martin

Sad but true on how the failure of men today affects the success of men tomorrow.

Aaron Stern

Thank you all for the feedback and sharing this with so many! I pray that it is a strong challenge filled with love and encouragement.

John - great to hear from you. Miss you. Hope you are well.

Spiritual Klutz

Thank you so much for posting this. It's an effective call to action.

John Steenis

Wow - that is powerful!

Really missing you and theMILL! I listen to your sermons all the time!


this is great. Thanks for sharing!


Great stuff, Aaron, and great message at theMILL tonight. Thank you for challenging us men - we need it.

Here's something related I just posted on my blog -figured you might like it, if you've got time:

Thanks again.



Hebert Cabral

Good stuff, and very timely for our church. Thanks!

Kortnee McCarrell

wow. grievous and challenging at the same time; thank you for sharing and for calling men to the front lines of ministry & community.

Jacques Le Roux

Man, thats truth! awesome stuff

Emily McRae

Aaron this is really powerful! Thank you for sharing it.

Timothy Whalin

Thanks for sharing this, Aaron. Powerful stuff and very inspirational!

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