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June 28, 2010


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Substituição de Vidro Automovel

I feel happy for you guys.

Aaron Stern

Renee- YES!

Adam - great question. I actually addressed this in the message I gave at theMILL the week after everyone got back. (The link to the podcast is at the top of the blog post). I challenged everyone to live with the same posture of heart that we have on a mission trip every day of the year. Missions is a lifestyle not a location or a task - as followers of Jesus we are all on mission.

Jacob - can't wait for theMILL to work with you and Noelle in Cambodia!


That is so awesome!


Thanks for sharing these pictures bro. I have no doubt that God did mighty things through the hands and feet of these willing servants.

On another note, how do you help instill the idea that we, as Christians, are to live a missional lifestyle? It's so easy to come back from something like this and almost be depressed to be back home. We seem to equate the feeling of God with the location. Just wanted to hear some of your thoughts.

Jacob Goodlin

This gets me excited!!

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