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June 23, 2010


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Aaron Stern

Sean - Thank you for your encouragement. I think that at the core of the psychology is the fact that God has designed us with unique giftings and talents to serve and be the Body of Christ. I have found that people who serve in their place of gifting are the most motivated people I know. So as a pastor I am challenged to look for ways to bring that out of people and give them the freedom to live it out.

Lindsay - Thanks for the comment. It is true that there are some deeper things in us that motivate is not just about more money.

Timothy - I think a good starting place is to see what comes out of you when you are free to create. What do you think about? What do you think you could fix? What would you love to spend a whole day working on?

sean buchanan

I'm curious how you envision translating this to the Mill? Or to NLC? You're an amazing leader- thanks for always keeping us thinking!


Thanks for posting this! I find it so refreshingly different from other things I've heard on the subject. I think it just goes to show that we are made in the image of a creator. We love to create because it's who we are! Not because we're all greedy and need monetary incentive. Proverbs 13:25 say, "An appetite for good brings much satisfaction, but the belly of the wicked always wants more." There is something about doing your best for God(or for a transcendent purpose) that cannot be bought or bribed because it is far too valuable. Our talents and skills are more than tools for making money, they are pieces of our identities.

Timothy Whalin

Wow! That is awesome, Aaron! Very brilliant and definitely worth watching. Something I had never really thought about and not really sure how it'll change my thinking on things, but really good. Thanks for sharing!

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