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May 13, 2010


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Another request here for a statistical source here...

I personally heard these stats on a sermon by Tommy Nelson (pastor at Denton Bible church) and started googling -found your post that way. I want to be able to quote it to a friend of mine struggling with this concept.


Aaron Stern

Holly - I found these trends several years ago when I was preparing a sermon. I am not sure what my source was but I will see if I can find it.


Thanks for the great post. I re-posted the statistics you shared on my facebook status and started a very small explosion of people wanting to know where those statistics were from. Can you share? People are finding them bogus and wondering how they are backed up. Sorry for any back-logging you may have to do. I appreciate your ministry and blog!

Aaron Stern

Roy - thanks. I enjoy it.


Well written Aaron. Interessting that it is a no "shall not".
I am always enjoying your Q&A`s. That`s one thing I loved about NLC, but you are the one left over who is still answering random questions about the crowds lives. Thanks a lot. Keep going.

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