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April 29, 2010


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Darwin Ellis

The reason we pray even when GOD knows what we need is that, faith comes by hearing and in order to hear something it must to be spoken.GOD is trying to teach us how to walk in faith. GOD works this way even from the start. Read Isaiah 55:10-11 GOD is waiting to hear an agreement in the earth from you and me.

Billy Bob

One thing that has been on my mind is this question, "Does God reciprocate?". I'm incline to say no. I pray everyday but rarely have I ever prayed like before just asking for a miracle from God. In the end though, I think I need to spit God out of my mouth like he did all the others. Harsh to say it and even do it because I would still feel like an idiot 'spitting out' God.

Aaron Stern

Josh - I totally agree that it can be difficult to wait on God's timing and purposes when we want something our way so badly. God is ultimately less concerned with our circumstances and primarily concerned with the wholehearted surrender of our hearts.

Matthew - where we place our expectation is huge!

Josh E.

I know that for me, patience is something difficult for me to accept. I know that I will catch myself praying, "God please let this happen, and this and this... and then all will be perfect.." But I know I need a constant reminder of who is in control. That what He has in store for me is a much greater meaning and purpose than I'll ever know. I often find that what he has in store for me, that if I don't necessarily like it at that particular time, that it might not reveal it's true meaning/purpose right away. So much am I focused on me, me, me... rather than HIM. He has blessed me with more than I deserve and to lay my life down for him and to serve His plan is something I want to strive for everyday.


". . . we should pray with an attitude of expectation of God doing what is best, not what we expect." Amen. This is great insignt Aaron!

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