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April 08, 2010


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Aaron Stern

Cameron - i look forward to your blog post. I think your question is a great one and I think the answer lies in our belief that we think we must keep working, that busyness protects us from what we don't want to face and the misplacement of priorities.

Cameron Schaefer

Great Ted talk! I just read Timothy Ferriss' "The 4-Hour Workweek" where he discusses the idea of taking several "mini-retirements" rather than the typical "deferred-life" plan. You have me inspired now, be expecting a response on my blog very soon.

Question: What keeps us from taking the sabbatical year more seriously in our present age? Obviously we don't need to follow Old Testament law for justification, but if it was a good idea then why would it not be now?

Aaron Stern

Noelle - So true! I was so inspired after watching the vid to be creative. Really beautiful.


Loved watching this video, Aaron. It fascinates me that the secular world often latches on to biblical ideas and their flow before we do. Loved and inspired me to rest AND be creative.

Aaron Stern

Allan - I know me too! Let's start a one year sabbatical club!

Josh - Honesty is so important if we are going to embrace Sabbath. If we are not honest with ourselves then we wont ever come to the place where we think we need one.


Thanks for posting this, Aaron! I've been reminded recently of the Sabbath rest and making sure I appropriate that in my life. Now, I'm thinking about a sabbath year. :-)

Josh E.

sweet vid... i liked it and how just honest the guy was about everything. i really liked the banana art work and the one with all the pennies. pretty sweet!

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