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February 18, 2010


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Aaron Stern

David - thank you for sharing your Lent experience. You seem to have really caught the heart of it all. It isn't a legalistic deal unless it is only about obligation with no heart for engaging God during a season of fasting. Blessings.

David Harris

My wife and I, after some discussion and prayer decided to give up television for lent. Now, I'll be honest, right at first I wasn't really happy about the idea. I enjoy spending time with her watching tv, relaxing, and unwinding from our days.

But I finally realized something this week, after the first few days, that I guess I'd never really keyed into about fasting: Fasting isn't about just giving something up. It's about replacing it with God.

The times that we were spending vegged out in front of the tube, Ashley and I are now spending reading the Bible together and praying. Even in the last four days, we've seen the Holy Spirit open up to us in ways we couldn't even imagine.

I've heard countless people comment to me this week on the 'religiosity' of Lent, but I'm really starting to understand how God moves through rhythms in our lives, and taking this time off from one of my favorite activities has been a spiritual blessing.

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