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December 07, 2009


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Aaron Stern

I had a great time being a Community Group leader. It was a privilege to be a part of Passion and see God awakening people to His name.

I did create the group discussion questions so I am so glad to hear that your group found them helpful.

I will think about writing a 'raising kids and loving God' blog in the future.

Jessica Willett

Thanks for being my community group leader at Passion 2010! I don't know if you were given the freedom in creating the group discussion questions personally, but I know that our family group definitely valued those times together to help process everything we were drinking in. We all plan to stay in touch on facebook, but I felt the desire to stay connected with you as well, so I look forward to following your walk with God through this blog.

I know you must have a lot of people looking to you in your ministry, but if you ever had the time I'd love it if we could e-mail about the topic of starting/raising a family while sustaining, rather, growing our desire to follow Jesus. My husband and I love children and can't wait to have our own. We were both blessed by you sharing about your family and are praying for all of you.

Oh and Orange rocks!

Aaron Stern

You can't go wrong when the message that life is all about God is front and center. Going to be amazing!


That's awesome! I'll be there too. Looking forward to seeing what God will do with a generation of college students living for His fame. Hope your group will be blessed mightily!

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