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November 05, 2009


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Mike Collins

Our year in Japan almost killed us, but Marie and I wouldn't trade that experience for anything!

Aaron Stern

Josh - God stories always emerge when we join God in what He is doing. Going to be a great summer.

Eveline - I have been to Belgium...what a great country. Maybe theMILL will make it there someday.

Michael - info and apps at


The Holy Spirit has told me to go on Missions without me knowing exactly what to expect and now I have a good idea, thanks to this blog. The spirit is ALWAYS right! My partner(when asked what she thought about it)said that I should stay here and take care of America first before I go to another country. I beg to differ. Where do I sign up?

Eveline Verniers

You can always come to Hasselt, Belgium. There is a great need over here.

Josh E.

I really enjoyed this blog and your sermon last friday about Missions. It really helped me and made me decide that i really needed to go. I've always heard of friends going on a missions trip to hear and doing this and all kinds of amazing stories. Well now more than ever to i want to dig deep with my community of believers and my church and go on a missions and see for myself. I know God is really calling me and pressing on my heart to go. Thanks Aaron!

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