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August 27, 2009


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Aaron Stern

Renee - so true. It is wise for us to not rush blindly ahead but rather to be thoughtful about the subtle impacts technology has on us and our relationships.


Facebook is great for reacquainting and keeping up, but as my sister says, we must remember it's FACEbook, not real life. Things aren't always what they seem...

Aaron Stern

Kendal - true. Hopefully space in our lives helps us focus on what matters most.

April - How amazing is that that people will pay money to invest in a farm that doesn't really exist! I think for some people going without facebook might be the best option if the temptation to get sucked in is too hard to manage.


Its funny how vacations (sabbaticals, extended family time) can mysteriously break us of habits--both good and bad. I remember hitting Gold's 4x a week before a trip to Texas...afterwards, the motivation was gone :-) Sounds like for you it's been mostly positive...sort of like rehab?


I always tell myself facebook is great because I can reconnect with people I have lost touch with, or who have moved away for college. With my own recent move to a new city, I have been able to stay in touch with a few people I may not have otherwise. However, I often spend much more time than necessary wandering around on the internet, than investing in real life. My husband was recently convicted of spending too much of his life that way, and deleted his facebook account all together. Not only does this free him up to focus more on school, but also on the relationships that really matter. Not farmtown ;)

Aaron Stern

Jacob - definitely in for some cell phone/computer free days! Proud of you bro.

Genesis - great thought. It is pretty amazing how quickly we can fill our lives with things that are just time wasters.

Margaret - thank you friend.

Terra - I agree. FB can be a great tool to stay in touch. Jossie doesn't use FB because she has a hard enough time staying up with every day as a SAHM. And when she has a spare moment a nap usually sounds more enticing!

Christian - Too much of a good thing doesn't make it "gooder".

Brooks - welcome home! It is amazing to experience life without them for a while. Something we all should do from time to time even if we aren't leaving the country.

Nathan - So glad this was helpful for you. It is key that we really look at what we are doing with our time and determine if it is a distraction to what is most important.

Jacob Goodlin

Aaron - great post! I have recently started to spend less time on Facebook, but this post has convicted me to spend even less time on Facebook.

And I love what Glenn said - what a great explanation.

Btw, facebook/Blackberry/twitter fast during fall retreat. You in?


I went into a media/entertaiment fasting for a month, and i was quiet impressing at the amount of free time I had. Something valuable I learned is that we need to start "updating" God more often than our facebook status/ twiter.
Great post, GOd bless!

Margaret Feinberg

Great post!!!

Terra Fisk

Facebook is a tool and only a tool. Too often I let it consume me and my time. Occasionally I stop to process why. For me personally it's about connecting with "the outside world" as a SAHM, when I can't get out of the house. I try to let FB enhance my friendships and keep me in contact with people that I only get to see every few months. I do need to sometimes just pick up the phone and talk to people though, instead of FBing, or messaging them. Even just hearing someone's voice over the phone is more personal then a typed message. Thanks for a great reminder!

Christian Monzon

Thank you for this interesting and thought provoking post! As one who spends more time then I should on facebook it has hit home.

Brooks Peppin

I totally agree Aaron! Even after being away to Nepal for 1 month I realized how pointless, at times, facebook and things like that can be. True relationships and loving people in real life is seriously the only thing that matters. I think we can become so lazy in the way we relate to people and facebook is proof of that. Anyways, good post!

nathan lindblad

I have noticed that these networks have become a substitution for actually interaction. That rather than bringing us closer they distance us a part. But i really liked the point where you said before the Eugene Peterson quote. I want to be who God designed me to be. I always only asked what am I suppose to do when He wanted me to not only be a good do-er but to Be who He wanted me to Be.

Thank you, I really got a lot out of this blog.

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